antevisio [an-teh-VEE-see-oh]: neologism, from the Latin. lit. forward vision

"I shall endeavour, while intending no discredit to anyone else, to make myself understood to Your Excellency for the purpose of unfolding to you my secrets, and thereafter offering them at your complete disposal, and when the time is right bringing into effective operation all those things which are in part briefly listed below..."

Leonardo da Vinci did it first. In 1482, young Leonardo sent a letter to the future Duke of Milan, pitching him on what Leonardo could do to protect his assets should a battle begin raging about his castle. The Duke of Milan was so impressed by Leonardo's vision that he became his patron and eventually commissioned The Last Supper.

Now, imagine what you could do if you had the same kind of vision, that same kind of insight into the talent that comes to you. 

That's what an antevisio does. 

An antevisio isn't a resume. It's a new way to convey a candidate's value proposition to a prospective employer. It changes the conversation about employment from "What have you done?" to "Here's what I can do for you." Because hindsight may be 20/20 but it won't prepare us for the world we're building. 

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