What does "antevisio" mean?

Antevisio is Latin for "before vision", ante- meaning before; visio meaning vision. 


Résumé is Latin (by way of French)  for "take back". 

Which one sounds more "21st century business" to you? 

What's wrong with a résumé?

Résumés are an artifact of the Industrial Age. Over the years, experts have offered guidance for tweaking the way people share past experience- numbers! "from... to... by!"- but the fundamental idea hasn't been challenged. This, despite a credible body of research that says that experience is a poor predictor of future professional success. Recruiters spend an average of seven seconds looking at a résumé that a job seeker has spent more than 500 times that amount of energy crafting. With the advent of LinkedIn as the de facto repository for white collar professional histories and Applicant Tracking Systems set up to filter for key words, résumés are increasingly redundant and useless. It's time to rethink the information that hiring managers need and the best way for job seekers to present their assets to a prospective employers. 

Isn't this just a cover letter? 

Cover letters are another technology that has remained untouched beyond the debate over bullet points. A job application is the flirtation that gets you to the first date of an interview. Why not rethink cover letters, too? 

What's next? 

Antevisios are a jumping off point for a larger conversation. The best way to move this forward is by taking the leap and building an antevisio for yourself. Try sending it to a few employers and see what happens. Please report back! 

There are definitely some tech tool opportunities here, as well. Antevisio belongs in the same universe as Skillist and other tools that are reimagining how we communicate skills. 

But for now, let's just start a conversation about how to better connect talent with talent seekers and communicate skills from those who have them and those who need them. Have thoughts? Share them here.

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